Make the Most of Your Parking Lot

Add clear driving and parking directions with striping services

Looking to turn your asphalt pavement into a proper parking lot? T-Rex Paving & Sealing can add striping and traffic markings to your lot. You can create an organized traffic flow, and drivers will know where to park. Add white or yellow lines for extra customization in any space.

We provide striping services for...

  • Parking lots
  • Small roads
  • Airports
Our striping is durable and long-lasting. When your striping does start to fade, we can refresh your pavement with bright, new lines.

Contact us today for striping services in Asheville, North Carolina.

Do you need help with your layout?

Do you need help with your layout?

Maybe you want traffic and parking lines for your property, but you're not sure how to make the most of your space. T-Rex Paving & Sealing can help you design your layout. We'll plan everything from the design of your parking spaces to the direction of your traffic arrows. You'll have a lot that moves traffic efficiently and safely.

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