Is Your Pavement Full of Cracks?

Fix your asphalt lot with professional sealing services

With proper care, asphalt pavement can last for decades. Your routine maintenance should include fixing any developing cracks before they get worse and ruin the pavement. Contact T-Rex Paving & Sealing when your asphalt starts cracking.

We provide sealing services in Asheville, North Carolina. We'll fix the cracks in your pavement so it looks more appealing and is easier to walk and drive on. Our crew can handle everything from commercial auto lots to home driveways.

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How does the sealing process work?

How does the sealing process work?

Pavement sealing might seem simple, but it won't last if the job is done poorly. T-Rex Paving & Sealing has employees who have worked with pavement for over 20 years, so you know we'll get the job done right.

During the sealing process, our crew will...

  • Clean dirt and stains off your lot
  • Pressure wash to clear the surface
  • Properly mix the sealing ingredients
  • Apply an even coat of SealMaster sealer
When our crew is finished, your pavement will be smoother, more attractive and better protected from UV and water damage.

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